The book is a look at who we really are - where we came from - why we are here and where we are going- It's the most comprehensive book available ever on all of these questions.
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" Sometimes ,  it is much easier to have someone else visualise and manifest your dream for you.
Especially if there is a lot of negative emotion in the way.
Write out what you wish to come about - write it in the present tense as though you were actually living it - Put in all the feelings - the sights- sounds- tastes - as they would be if it were real- put in what you see -  as if happening .Then simply email and leave the rest to us-
Us being  me ( Cate ) and God."

On purchase of book  and Dream Wizard, Cate offers this service free of charge.

She feels your purchases demonstrate your commitment to your dreams and that speeds up the process.





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