The book is a look at who we really are - where we came from - why we are here and where we are going- It's the most comprehensive book available ever on all of these questions.
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The Greatest Discovery ?
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This book promises to "activate you", and indeed it does! Creativity just comes pouring fast and effortlessly from me, the book opens asking you to do one thing: get pen and paper for you will be shocked in a most pleasant way. This communication is truly of a divine and magical nature, I actually stopped reading it out of fear that I was not ready to bear the fruits of my being yet. Probably just a negative habit, but I am reading it again after allowing my children to grow into a bit more independance so that there is now time for me to do other things a bit more. This morning I read the first chapter again and my eyes were misty from the sheer beauty of these words, they speak so deeply to you. I just can't say too much how much I enjoy and feel uplifted by this book. A picnic with God is indeed what it feels like. Abraham-Hicks tells us about our inner beings, this feels like it is actually FROM our inner beings. Beautiful. Fantastic. Powerful.

In my opinion -
This book is an amazing call to psychic arms

Its timing is incredible -
Just as the powers that be are about to try dupe us all into a state of
 disenchantment ,disillusionment , so called limitation and financial lack . Bandying words like recession and economic collapse-

Eureka - the truth comes out!!
The very thing ,the powers that be fear most, is upon them.

The truth. Vital information. The secrets.
Have you ever noticed that around about the times of war s there seems to be a lull in peoples spirits?
A doom , a gloom , a lack?
Oh yes - it is not just casually instigated but meticulously orchestrated, in my view.
It is a well known fact that the affairs of the world are run by the might ( and insanity) of the few -
Who or what or why is this instigated? Is it real ?
Who decides whether we need to tighten our belt ? Who decides whether the economy is good or bad ? Who decides all of these limits and then feeds them to the masses ?
Who ?
What for?
Are we, the average Joe and Josephine getting too close to the truth?
Has The Secret really revealed the Secret or the tip of the iceberg?
Are the powers that be sitting somewhere insisting that a stop be put to all of this ?
Why?What would happen if in the morning you and I no longer needed a boss to control and determine our life's worth?
If a days paid labour was no longer necessary
If we each commanded infinite fortunes
What would happen the big boys?
They would not have ALL the power - that's what would happen.
And therefore it literally pays them to keep us dis empowered
Watch this space my friend - it would not surprise me if I heard someone took a pot shot at this author .
She is telling you and telling me of our power. Our incredible but perfectly logical power.
She explains What it is - Where it is - why it is  - the how's and the wherefores.
And having read and understood this you are eternally empowered .
We are angels
Rise up
Rise up
There are no broken wings

I read Esther Hicks and Louise Hay. And while they are fascinating and truly inspiring,
This book goes way beyond their preaching.
It tells of our beginnings - who we REALLY are - how it  all came about and Why.
Like me , I am sure many deep thinkers out there ponder these issues. And with ideas from big bang theory, quantum physics, aliens, evolution and who knows what, it can be mind boggling. One finds oneself selecting a certain line of possible credulity and sticking to that- Just to maintain a status quo or for sheer sanity.
This Fabulous book is so pure and so simple in its explanation of it all , that you find yourself going - " Now, Why did I never ever see it like that - sure - this makes perfect sense"
And to me - if it makes sense - its good- if it makes PERFECT sense - well….
I'll leave you to find out .

This book is a dance with knowledge of self, creation, the rules of the game and the reasons of it all, with re-discovering your power and the simple pleasure of being human. I can feel the power and am drawn back to it, I look forward to my moments of wandering through it's pages and just letting myself be soothed and schooled and inspired. It flows well on many levels. I am glad I stumbled into this one.

I love this book . It is visually stunning. Spiritually enlightening. Mentally mind blowing Powerful.

Beautiful, inspiring words. They give me hope of what we are all capable of achieving.Bravo!


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