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The book is a look at who we really are - where we came from - why we are here and where we are going- It's the most comprehensive book available ever on all of these questions.
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The Greatest Discovery ?
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"There was a window to the soul
Open long before the dawn
Through which the spirit - eye could dance
And frolic on the lawn
Of life ,love and playfulness
Inventing dreams unborn..." (Poem)
"There is an attic in the mind - Where all our dreams are stored ..." And we keep adding to this pile - but rarely climb in there and have a good look. We scarcely even glimpse. The attic probably has never even seen full light -
Why? Most of us leave our dreams, wishes , hopes, desires, there in darkness. Then, in haste,we scurry back down the unused stairway to live in
What we call reality-
To get back on the treadmill.
But who among us can deny the existence of that attic?
And few among us chose to use its contents-
And many refuse to even look…
Our argument would be - " well yes - its nice to dream - but dreaming does not pay the bills-"
Well - if you study the lives of the successful - and analyse what exactly they are doing - we would clearly see all the documented evidence now to prove quite the opposite in fact-
Dreaming DOES pay the Bills - and More-
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