The book is a look at who we really are - where we came from - why we are here and where we are going- It's the most comprehensive book available ever on all of these questions.
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Just WHO are you?
Where are we at ?
Before Plato, everyone believed that the earth was flat. If you thought differently I imagine you were scoffed at by those who felt they were educated to know better because they had money or power or position..People believed if they went far enough they could fall over the side of the world, why? Because that was the accepted thinking, that's what they were taught. In other words in the past, they were accepting theories without testing them. Then Plato discovered that the earth was not flat..it was round -And all who went before were wrong and restricted in their ideas as a result.
Nowadays of course we all know better - or do we??
Have you ever stopped to think that we could be in a similar situation today? But we are so caught up in trying to survive as a lean, mean, fit machine that we do not access and use real knowledge. We are living from hand me downs...
I believe we are now living in a similar situation.
Newton, Darwin and other scientists have put forward theories that we accept as fact. We accept the limitations of their knowledge as the entirety of what is .. and live by that. In other words we have handed over the power of knowledge to a few minds.
We go to school and continue the process of being " EDUCATED" . These theories, while clever, leave us living a very sterile life. Geared towards man the machine rather than man the amazing.. We are body cum spirit moving in an energy field over which we have complete control, but we have little idea of how to utilise this energy field. There is more than enough evidence of this today, without my having to convince you.
You may simply call it by another name...
We live in a "thought world" - relying on our thinking to think things through-to figure things out- yet - We have a spirit who knows all of that. We were never alone - we just chose to be.
Spirit has and knows and demonstrates all the answers.
Look at all it does for you without your conscious awareness??
What keeps you alive - your conscious mind ?
Your thoughts ?

A biological clock ? If so- what makes it tick??
Check out the "possibility" of truth in Under the Apple Tree.
and argue if you will...
We believe in all sorts of creeds and dogma and accept these as the only possible reality. We just need to switch ON our life - not switch OFF.
If we are constantly in distress over yesterday
and endeavoring to control tomorrow, we expend energy unproductively, wasting a precious resource.
Energy is one of our most sought after commodities.
We drill  to maintain it - eat to sustain it - exercise to retain it and go to war to attain it.
Wouldn't it be wise to use it constructively?

Information is another sought after commodity. This IS the information age - Here is some priceless information.
Wouldn't it make sense to know it and how to apply it?
Opportunity is ALWAYS knocking - it NEVER gives up.Opportunity is not something that comes and goes - it is an endless river in which you live.
The Secret claims page 177
" There is no blackboard in the sky, in which God has written your purpose" - I beg to differ - OH YES THERE IS!!
Come with me I will show it to you....
Success IS a CHOICE
Most people die at 35 and are buried at 75..
Are you one of those??
But how are we surviving if we have it so wrong?
We survive but we do not live.
Mostly we are BRAINWASHED..
Ever seen a hypnotist in action?
He will swing a pendulum or get you to watch
his eyes or something..
This is designed to distract  what
is known as your Critical Factor. Your censor.
Once he has by passed this he can slip any
suggestion into your mind... within what we call "reason".
Children do not have a critical factor - up to when they acquire what we proudly call " The use of reason "
so it is
very easy to program them. They are like an
impressionable sponge which soaks up everything..
Advertising works on the same premise.
But we have distracted so much of our minds
ourselves with fears, worries ,phobias, stress..
that anything can creep in and become a
We think WE are in control and we are not..we
are merely puppets of our own unconscious..
We are hypnotising ourselves all of the time-
Now THAT would not be scary of itself - but WHAT is scary is the data - the suggestions - what we are telling ourselves while under hypnosis-
Plus -
We are re creating the same programs in
others..We never seem to let each other off the hook..
So how can we escape the old programs whether conscious or unconscious?
These old programs could be our own or ones that have been imprinted on us by parents, teachers and others, particularly when we are young, up to about 12 years old. They could be our views and, very importantly, our re - actions to situations. These are to a very large extent governed by early experiences. We think these are our programs but most likely they are our parent's or others.
So just whose life are we living then?
Thoughts, beliefs we accepted blindly or something we KNOW with certainty from ourselves ??
Which would you prefer?
When information by-passes our critical factor and gets into our system it becomes a program..
We operate from it. Good or bad - We operate from programs
every day, be they the old resident ones or new
ones slipping past us every minute..
Lousy weather, miserable economy, hard times..
Be they inferiority, depression, fear,
loneliness. These programs are constantly running the
show and, in a significant number of cases, ruining the show at the same time. We either do not realise this or, worse, we are too apathetic to care and consequently do not even make the effort to change these programs.
SO, this is about getting a firm grip on life -
It is very easy -
It only requires turning on the light - in the attic!!
It is possible to eliminate and over run
these programs - forever!
"To Fly As Fast As Thought
To Be Anywhere There Is
You Must First Begin By Knowing
That You Have Already Arrived"
~Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach
Under the Apple tree tells you just HOW to do that-
it reveals the only
Success System that never fail


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